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Trad's Garden Center
Trad's Garden Center Is Just Around the Corner
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Welcome to Trad's




Mon-Sat 8:00AM-5:00PM

Sun 10:00AM-5:00PM

8178 San Jose Blvd.

Jacksonville, FL 32217

(904) 733-7549

Trad’s Garden Center is the perfect place to find plants, gardening supplies, garden
ornaments… everything you need to create and maintain a beautiful yard or garden!
Serving the Southside for over 40 years, Trad’s is a local, family-owned business.
Our gardening experts know what will grow best in the Jacksonville environment.
Plus, we provide growing tips and educational opportunities to help any level of
gardener, from the beginning elementary school student to the seasoned, full-time
gardener. Search this site for gardening information, or even better, stroll our
beautiful grounds to see how you can enhance your home’s outdoor appearance.
After all, we’re"just around the corner!"

Trad's Pest Control
Farmers Market Febraury 27th!